We all want to look our best and we can do it by wearing the right clothes that will help us impress. There are 4 categories for the woman body: apple, pear, hourglass and rectangular body type. You should learn your type and how to dress according to it. Take some measurements and see what category you fit in.


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If you are the apple type:

Try not to wear dresses and belts and focus on the lower and top third of the body. You need to draw attention to the bust and neck and away from the waist and shoulders. Wear dark colors, flared pants and bottoms and tops that cover the curves on the middle section.

Pear shape:


You should wear tops that uncover the shoulders and wear a push-up bra. Don’t wear leggings or pants that narrow the legs. You can wear straight-leg pants with heels. The top should be balanced with the bottom.

Hourglass shape:

You should dress to make your curves noticeable. Wear supportive bras, dresses and tops with V-neck and focus on the waist to make the curves visible.

Straight body type:

Try to avoid looking thin, adding some pinch at the waist. Try big belts, ruffles and frills. Don’t wear baggy jeans or track clothes. You can wear a mini skirt if you have high and straight legs.