People don’t want to sit on any toilet when they go to the bathroom, because they are afraid of all the diseases they can get and some toilets are disgusting. Some toilets are filthy and it can be a very ugly picture. But when it’s time to go, you don’t really have any choice.Show more text


The first thing a person does if they need to sit on the toilet is to put some toilet paper on it. But the toilet seat is designed to prevent bacteria from sticking around, because of their smooth surface. The most germs are in the toilet paper, not on the toilet seat, because they can’t multiply on bare skin alone.


Germs get spread all around the stall when we flush, because nothing else in a bathroom is designed to prevent bacteria from sticking. You can find them onto the walls, the toilet paper dispenser, the door handle and in the toilet paper. We use toilet paper for many reasons, like blowing our noses and wiping our faces, so these germs can get easily right into our bodies.

Also, the sink and the hand dryers are full with bacteria. Electric hand dryers are proven to distribute a big amount of bacteria around the restroom. This study was published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology.